Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Over Pay Per Click Ads

Why is SEO or search engine optimization, strategically so much more beneficial over PPC, for local businesses and service providers?

  • Organic listings are more credible since most people trust them. According to statistics, 77% of people prefer organic over paid listing. 67% prefer SEO when purchasing.
  •  PPC is less appealing because of its paid ads while SEO is much more viable because it is cost-effective. SEO is actually 45 times cheaper compared to PPC
  • SEO is capable of providing lasting visits and can be a long term solution.
  • PPC is only visible on one search engine while SEO can be seen on numerous search engines outside of Google such as bing and Yahoo
  • Unlike PPC, SEO ranks and works, unlike PPC which demands constant investment, testing and optimizing to improve the performance.
  • The chances that SEO will bring traffic into your website are 80% more than PPC
  • SEO can be trusted to build a brand if you own the first page.

Benefits of SEO over PPC Explained

Since Pay Per Click is based on real time auctioning, and the influence of other companies bidding, its very hard to build an exposure advantage that is scale-able enough to grow your company with out also growing the costs the takes to maintain a steady flow of business. These bids can bring per click pricing into several hundred dollars for specific business niches. This does NOT even insure a phone call let alone a buying customer.

SEO over PPC Benefits First Page Spot   Internet Marketing Service Address: 2440 Newport Dr, Naperville, IL 60565 Phone:(630) 381-0333Through SEO, you are able to generate real, sustainable leads that are more qualitative than PPC ads, as SEO will allow you to acquire more traffic from genuine users through organic search and into your website. Typically customers that are in need of quality services will research the available companies, their ratings and reputation and then call to gain a sense of trust. This can not be done with the ever changing pay per click ads.

With SEO you are assured of the best online investment due to having a fixed marketing price, with results that aren’t going away when your investment has been absorbed. You are pulling in real high quality traffic which can be converted into customers with out having to pay for each and every one of them. This eventually leads into an increased ROI over time. By executing a balanced approach, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of highly qualified leads from search engines with out having to pay before they are pre-qualified as real customers. With website optimization you will not have to worry about the danger of ad algorithm updates or being outbid, breaking the momentum of results and having to pump more marketing dollars into you campaign to keep business going.

SEO vs PPC stats:

Advertising campaigns involving PPC require more time to set up and get started as compared to SEO. What’s more, Pay Per click requires perpetual management such as bidding enough to maintain your position at the top of the first page. SEO on the other hand has about the same initial setup when done correctly but requires less maintenance on a monthly basis and delivers consistent results. The biggest problem with PPC however is the consistent increase in prices. Your competitors have to outbid you to be at the top of the first page. This significantly reduces your return on investment for the keyword you intend to be found for. With SEO, there is no bidding to be found on the first page.

According to research, over 80% of clicks coming from the first page of search results come from natural listings and ironically not PPC. The number keeps increasing due to the fact that people are increasingly becoming desensitized from PPC ads. With SEO you are assured of more traffic as people doing searches are constantly clicking search engine results naturally. Your conversions can get better with organic listings in search results. Its conversions are 25% much better than PPC ad listings.

In conclusion, SEO natural listings have an advantage over PPC in that they convert better. SEO can be more profitable over the long term compared to PPC whose costs keep on rising.