Body Shop SEO and Auto Collision Repair Leads

Effective Body Shop SEO Strategy

In SEO, there are a few core fundamentals that apply to being able to effectively optimize a website. One of them being that a URL, is a URL, and regardless of the content on that URL it can be ranked in the same manner as any other. The only difference that would create a significant ranking gain outside of that website optimization structure in any specific niche or market would be resources. Resources, being what niche networks are boosting your site, where are your links coming from and does the source have more than just a few niche properties to send link juice.

What Makes Our Body Shop SEO The Best?

We have effectively created a drastic reduction in the overall marketing costs for body shops that solely depended on Google PPC campaigns. With such a competitive market as the auto collision shop industry, if you are not on the first page for your area, and are not spending a few thousand a month on pay per click campaigns you can count on missing 100% of online business.

As a specialty niche, we are experts in the field of body shop SEO. From auto collision to vehicle servicing and repairs, our network of quality auto niche sites to boost automotive shop websites scales high in both quality and quantity. This not only means a range of sites from web 2.0’s to real automotive websites, but also sites with high domain authority, page authority, trust flow and comparable citation flow. This network has ranked our body shop clients in some of the toughest niches, in some of the largest cities in the country. This is both for body shops in organic search results as well as Google map results.

How Does an Auto Collision Shop Effectively Market Online?

The most proactive solution for an auto collision repair shop looking to market themselves online is to build their brand. Building a company brand is the key to gaining trust with Google. Trust is the #1 ranking factor above all other SEO tactics. Body shop search engine optimization is on the more difficult side in terms of ranking in the Google SERP’s. How is this done? Effective social marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is a huge trust boost, when done correctly. Also have the proper quality citations in place is an absolutely necessary aspect of building the foundational pillars for an effective auto collision repair SEO campaign. With out this an effective search engine optimization strategy can not be implemented.

One the foundation has been laid out by either the company or our services, our advanced SEO techniques can be implemented to sky rocket ranking past competition, even in some of the most competitive areas. If you have a body shop or auto repair facility that you are looking to take the next level, feel free to use our free website analyzation tool or contact us today.