How to Get a First Page Spot on Google with a Naperville SEO expert

First Page Spot on GoogleWhat defines a Naperville SEO expert can greatly vary depending on who you ask. Some of the most competitive niches in the world can only be done by black hat SEO’s that are highly frowned upon by widely recognized public SEO figures such as Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ, who swears by utilizing only white hat SEO techniques. Many versions on how to get a first page spot on Google exist.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the process of essentially using spam, cloaking techniques, deceptive website redirecting, unnatural amounts of backlinks and borderline fraudulent ways of manipulation, to boost sites past Google barriers and sites that are building their authority the natural white hat SEO way. You can quickly see, if you are a business owner looking for more website traffic, this is not the Naperville SEO expert you’d be looking for if you want to get a first page spot on Google.

White Hat SEO

Naperville SEO ExpertWhite hat SEO techniques are very strict by the Google book website optimization. This includes earning backlinks, opposed to buying backlinks or building backlinks on sites you already own. The difficulty in this can be seen very easily, as getting your website link on someone else’s website is not an easy task at all. Adding lots and lots of content that gets real user engagement such as social shares, likes and traffic is also another by the book white hat technique. And yet again, you can see where the difficulty in this would lie. How can you on a consistent basis, generate popular website content that gets real user engagement that gets constant traffic to your website to earn a first page spot on Google?

Is There a Such Thing as Grey Hat SEO?

The difficulty in both of these methods can be seen. You may be thinking, well then how do I get a first page spot on Google? Morally and technically, black hat SEO is a far away option for most people, especially for local business owners and service providers. With one wrong move by your SEO expert, your site can be wiped out along with all of your online business. For most, this means 90% of their incoming business. With white hat SEO methods, you can quickly see the difficulty and exorbitant time investment, hoping your efforts take off and earn you traffic and links. If you have fantastic website content and a small audience, where is your engagement to create traffic going to come from? If you have thousands of facebook friends and a million followers, yet produce poor content, yet again you’re in the same boat and your part time job worth of hourly investment into your website has lead you nowhere.

Essentially, most SEO is grey hat search engine optimization. If you’re looking for a Naperville search engine optimization expert, you’re not looking for a white hat SEO that essentially is throwing things at the internet hoping something will stick and take off to earn you links and traffic, especially if you are paying for services. You also don’t want black hat SEO techniques getting your website wiped clean off Google’s search results. In SEO, fast rankings usually mean fast penalties. For a business looking to get a first page spot on Google a d generate website traffic from potential clients that are searching for their exact services in their exact area, grey hat search engine optimization is the only way.

How Our Naperville SEO Expert Services Work


Are you up to date with Google’s latest requirements?

Our search engine optimization services are beyond successful because of the time, energy and resources we have to put into our clients websites. We never outsource our SEO work because we constantly want to be hands on daily with every website. SEO is not set and go. Daily changes in rankings show us what we need to do to mold, sculpt and craft a website constantly to attain the desired achievable search result rankings to produce the utmost amount of traffic and ultimately conversion and a ROI. We boast that we can show how we are better than any other SEO company in 60 seconds, and to date we haven’t had a competing company able to debunk that. We have SEO research resources to optimization information several months before it’s mainstream that gives us a major edge on Google ranking changes within Google without having to learn by major rankings drops. Our backlink resources to earn your site links are powerful, clean and safe to boost your site with power and relevance. The REAL social networks we have as a resource are part of our secret in juicing up web pages to show google what’s hot and popular, deserving high ranking. These are just a very few of the tactics we use to boost and rank website. Contact us today if you are looking for a Naperville SEO expert and would like to know what we can do for you.