Is Crowd Sourced Traffic Truly Effective?

Where Is All That Buzz That Was Surrounding Crowd Sourced Traffic? Part 1

In the SEO world, those that do not yet have a proven strategy locked down seem to get caught in the craze of every new product launch, hoping they will finally find the secret truth to ranking that everyone has greedily kept to themselves. Once they haven’t found the astonishing promised results they were looking for, they rest assured that it was the plugin or software that failed, and return to searching for the next best magical solution that will get them ranking and banking. All the while the veteran SEO’s are still steadily ranking in the background without the help of these magical solutions.

One big craze that seemed to sweep in and be all the buzz as the new “fix all” solution for dead or stale PBN’s and sites needing that extra boost was CTR traffic sent through crowdsourced workers. Yet as big as the promise seemed to be, to fill all the gaps that SEO’s were desperately hoping an answer would come for, it’s hardly talked about as much anymore as new hot products have moved into it’s limelight. Does this lack of buzz mean that crowdsearch was just another fad that has tried and been left in the dust of implementations like schema?

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Just like optimization there are tweaks and tricks that either make or break a strategy and thirsty newbie SEO’s that are so set on buying a product that either works or doesn’t right out of the box, are really missing the bus on the power of properly done crowd search traffic. As demonstrated at the Source Wave event in Las Vegas last April by William Pettet of Clixsy, properly sent CTR traffic with a real strategy can be even more powerful than backlinking and PBN’s. Did this take him a few weeks to figure out? Of course not, it took years to finally get the formula down to a science, an SEO science that ranks some of most competitive and highly sought after keywords on command. William was generous enough to chat with me right after one of his MMA sparring sessions via Skype, before the Vegas event. His insight into how searches affect the ranking of a site and the mathematical formula to get real results were mind blowing and incredibly invaluable. However, the strategy was far from simple enough to just go set and forget on auto pilot, as most think it’s done. Why? The bottom line is the factors involved to yield results are an extremely intricately formulated process. What was radiantly clear after speaking with him was that simply putting your main keywords and sending X amount of traffic to your site was merely much more than a waste of search credits without insight or at the very least, creative common sense. This is where I think many have fallen off the Crowd Search bandwagon and chalked it up as another hype product.


So Why Has The Crowd Search Buzz Seemed to Have Died Down?

I personally think the problem is the rate that new products are launching. It has molded the SEO community to buy every new toy that is flashed before their eyes or that sounds too good to be true. I mean of course we buy, with a 30 day money back guarantee and the scarcity tactic of the doors closing at the end of a countdown timer there is no reason to say no, right? The problem with this is there isn’t adequate time being put into learning and mastering tools beyond a few weeks. Tools which can be extremely useful or paramount to your business for months or even years to come if you learn how to correctly use them. As we all know, in SEO a “year” is a stretch with the ever changing algorithmic landscape. However we also know that a prosperous month can yield an income that will far surpass the yearly salary of a college grad by double or triple. If you have given up on manipulating your CTR’s because the next buzz has caught your eye, I highly suggest that you make it a priority to implement this as a substantial part of your ranking strategy.

Stay tuned for part 2: 3 Ways To Better Optimize Your CTR’s and How To Get Mobile Search Traffic

A testament to the power of CTR’s, below is the SERP’s one month ago and today, for a reputation management client. With properly done CTR manipulation and a lot of credits, both of these undesired results have been swept away and buried without flooding the first page with a ton of parasite pages or shooting links to outrank them.

Before CTR Manipulation

After Manipulation