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Trust Star Implementation

The trust of a website in the eyes of Google and Google users, is the single most important factor for website ranking success and conversion. Conversion being the want of the searching user to click through to your site, increasing your website traffic. Google’s algorithm for ranking a website is based around calculating the trust and authority of a website before even considering it’s content, regardless of how relevant or great the content may be. Google even takes into account a website’s reviews and ratings from sites such as Facebook, Yelp and of course, Google+.

How powerful of an impact would you have if you could display your 4 or 5 star rating, right inside of your google result next to your competitors?

This is the very power harnessed by Yelp that produces constant website traffic through out their business listings. A user is able to immediately establish trust within your company before even visiting your website, so instead of the potential customer trying to read through your content to try and make a judgement call, the trust has already been earned. The image to the left shows the clear difference in appeal. The above company has trust stars implemented, the below does not. Both are first page listings. Which would you choose, regardless of positioning? How many of your competitors have this trust highlighting feature? Our guess is none.

Authority Site Domination

It can be frustrating as a business owner when your website is being out ranked by authoritative websites that have lesser quality content than what you are offering. Auto body shop owners, know how difficult it is to generate traffic to their company website when Yelp can at times take up 3-4 first page spots in that particular area with Top 10 Best lists and their niche result pages, realtors are often pushed down by Zillo’s online authority, and so on. The list truly goes on and on for each niche. We have system of pure authority site domination for harnessing the power of these individual sites and reversing it to directly benefit the company we are optimizing. We make Yelp, Manta, Thumbtack, Merchant Circle, Better Business Bureau, Foursquare, Angie’s List etc. your company’s new best friends and partners in your quest for first page domination.

Map Optimization

Local maps can be extremely powerful for a local business or provider of services. More often than not, local maps will be the first non paid results that show up for a search. These map results already have trust stars already included to establish trust based upon previous customer reviews and a small excerpt with the business information, such as address, hours and phone number. The only issue with these listings is that there are now only 3 spots opposed to the 7 that used to show in the past. There are very specific SEO tactics that now must be done to ensure that your business can compete for one of the top 3 map spots. We use the very latest SEO mastermind tactics to optimize your company giving you the best edge for ranking amongst the top 3 companies listed in the local map listings. These local map listing tactics, just as our implemented trust stars, are advantages known and used by very few SEO professionals across the nation. All of which, are a part of the SEO mastermind group we belong to. If you were once in the 7 pack and have now been kicked out or are looking to break into the 3 pack, we have advanced local listing solutions for you.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO, is the most common type of website optimization. This is the process of having your company website placed amongst the top 10 search results on the first page of Google. In the past, before Google set out complex algorithms, SEO’s would essentially shoot 1000’s of links at a website to have it shoot up the rankings on Google. Lot’s of these spam websites prompted Google to start penalizing sites with such tactics done and advanced SEO became more of a need with every algorithmic adjustment and change. In today’s SEO world, ranking a site for a first page spot really comes down to fractions of percentages. The percentage of keywords on a website page in comparison to the over all context, the relevancy of the context, backlink anchor text percentage, the contextual relevancy of the page that the backlink was sent from, the trust and authority of the website where the back link was built, the timeline and pace in which the links are built, the list can really go on and on with all of the intricacies of advanced search engine optimization. We know exactly what the search engines are looking for when it comes to organic website rankings, we understand the exact website structure that needs to be followed from rigorous testing that allows us to know shifts in the search engine result pages before they hit on a wide scale level. This testing allows us to tweek and continue to rank as the competitors are scrambling to recover from new algorithmic changes.

Review and Ratings Boosting

Reviews and ratings are fantastic. So fantastic that Google takes these into account by not only ranking you according to your reviews and ratings but by ranking the sites your company is being reviewed and rated on such as Yelp, Foursquare, Manta etc. The only issue with this, is that it seems the motivation for a customer to go out of their way to find their favorite review site, login and leave a review for services they expected to be worth their money anyway, is only brought about easily by a negative experience. We make this easy for you. With private access to our authority review site that not only integrates all of your review profiles in one place for easy navigation, but also is its own review engine for those that do not have an account. Leaving a review has never been easier and also saves your reviews from being held or suspicious due to someone creating an account to just to leave a review for you. Aside from this, our private access review engine is also an authority site that sends positive juice to your website giving you even more ranking power for your own site in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Reputation Management

With reputation management in place, your marketing efforts become much easier. Instead of trying to clean up the mess left by a select few that did not have have a like minded opinion, your marketing efforts can grow with out fear of a negative backlash impeding your progress. Which in turn leads to being able to capture more leads and ultimately grow your business from potential clients you would have otherwise been missing. Regardless of how large a company is, no company wants to lose business or miss out on potential clients.

When a potential customer needs a business service, between 80-95% go to Google to look for a business they feel will best meet their needs. During this process their ultimate intention is to grade and evaluate your business based on their findings. These findings will instantly decide for them if your business is a company they can trust or if they should keep scrolling down the list.

The major issue with results found on the internet is the entire story is never told. How often does a customer have a good experience and take the time afterwards to login to their review account and leave a review or rating? We can tell you its not as often as the consumer who had a bad experience and is motivated to vent their dissatisfaction. These negative reviews can litter the search results without giving the full untold story of your business. This is where reputation management can help your business. Reputation management can weed out unwanted sites from the search results so your company can show up for what it really is, opposed to what a disgruntled customer thinks it is.

Video Rankings

Video is great, in fact so great that Google is starting to move towards giving more value to video content. It not only lets you display your company services or product but it allows you engage with and give your customers a feel of who you or your company actually are beyond just a list of services you offer. You may yourself occasionally run a search on Google and find a YouTube video ranking among the first page results. This does not have to be by accident. We can optimize and rank your company commercial or video with a first page spot so you stand out bigger and brighter than just the regular website results. Clients are more prone to engage in something more convenient and visually engaging. With engaging useful video content, your client conversion will raise leading to a better ROI. Video ranking is in fact so effective, we have clients that only spend their marketing budget on video rankings for their services. This especially works great with emergency services such as locksmiths, plumbers, towing services etc.

DIY SEO Services

If you have the time and energy, but don’t have all the necessary resources to do you own SEO, we can help. As one of the leading SEO companies in the nation, we simply can not optimize everyone. If you have taken our courses and are looking for the resources that will boost your ranking we offer everything you need to keep moving forward with out hitting any road blocks:

  • Content Creation

  • Backlinks

  • Directory/ Citation Submissions

  • PBN Acquisition

  • Social Signals

  • CTR Website Traffic

  • Social Profile Creation

  • Video Embeds

  • Custom Map Embeds

  • Premium WP Themes

  • Premium WP SEO Plug-ins