SEO For Wildlife Removal Companies

Wildlife Control SEOThe old ways of placing a ton of wildlife removal related keywords into website articles or content in order to gain more traffic or posting a bunch of articles with related content have long gone. Now such tactics will get your site penalized and wiped clean from Google’s search results. These days, Google view things in completely different ways and therefore it is crucial to understand how SEO works and needs to be implemented in order to improve your nuisance wildlife removal business. SEO for wildlife removal companies is no exception. With many taking notice that wildlife control is a lucrative business, the competition is higher than ever, especially with the map results being shortened to 3 instead of 7 and you can quickly be buried under a bunch of tech savvy trappers that probably know more about computers than they know about nuisance wildlife control. The end result of this is customers ending up with unskilled trappers only because they were the only ones that were found.

Wildlife Control Related Content

How often or quickly have you searched from something on Google and clicked away from a website when the content is useless, boring, repetitive or you can’t even see the word you were looking for appearing within the content? Would you know what it takes to make a visitor stay on your website long enough so that Google sees it as valuable? Or how to look at Google Analytics to see what your viewer is looking at when they are on the site? If not, this can really hurt your SEO efforts since Google tracks and records website dwell time as well as bounce rate. In other words how quickly users are clicking away from your site, showing them the content is not relevant to search term.

To be honest, no-one expects you to. Once you have mastered your craft, you shouldn’t have to learn a new industry skill to stay afloat. Writers have worked long and hard to gain the skills which are necessary to make visitors stick around, and better still, carry on to either making a purchase or asking for more information. SEO is a skill, just like catching a trap shy raccoon and those who implement it need to keep themselves constantly trained and refreshed on what Google is wanting at any given time. Being a business owner and learning these constantly changing skills and then also taking time to implement them into a campaign can be done, but is not really feasible.

Mobile Optimization

mobile friendly optimizationWith the boom is Smartphones and mobile device usage, the majority of people now conduct a search on the move and want content that loads quickly and is easily readable across all devices. Making sure mobile optimization is part of your strategy for your wildlife control company is huge so that it not only gets viewed correctly, but also has the desired load speed results, which in turn will get you more traffic and capitalize on what your competitors are getting wrong. This means your site must be mobile friendly and load quickly so Google is producing relevant content that loads quickly. When a customer has a raccoon that has busted through their ceiling at 3am, they will not be sitting around waiting for a website to load, they will click away and on the next listed site. This is a huge reason Google has done away with producing results for sites that are not optimized for mobile unless the niche is very uncompetitive.

You should think of your wildlife control website as being your shop window’, it may look pretty and have nice pictures, but if no-one stops in or stops long enough to read what you have to say, then there is no sale. Utilizing an SEO strategy is critical for gaining an edge on your competition, getting business you would otherwise have missed and save you a ton in comparison to having PPC advertising that can get extremely expensive without any real converting results.

Why We’re The Best Wildlife Control SEO Company

Contact us today if you have a wildlife control company that needs search engine optimization. We specialize in getting real results for trappers that convert to sales and business growth. From one trapper to another, we are not just an SEO company that offers digital marketing. We are a company that was born out of the efforts to rank our own wildlife control services on Google when Dexknows advertizing proved to be a rip off. So we know the very needs you have, the yearly changes when raccoon babies are born, when squirrel calls slow down and bat control picks up. Our timing on advertizing and knowing when to market what is crucial in making our clients money. Eventually, our efforts to rank our own site blossomed in something larger after the exorbitant amount of hours put into learning and understanding how to rank websites in Google. And this alone is why we are the best wildlife control SEO company there is.